Nightcrawler Beard Butter


Grizzly’s Beard Butter® Nightcrawler butter conditions, hydrates and tames your frizzy unruly beard. A bold scent with a mysterious duality, Nightcrawler is innocent during the day and intense during the night. This leave-in, moisture-rich styling butter creates a soft, natural feel. Perfect for smoothing flyaways and refreshing styles the next day. Our vegan blend contains 100% nourishing jajoba oil. As well as organic shea & mango butters, 100% natural coconut, argan, sweet almond, grapeseed, avocado oils. Our Nightcrawler-infused butter adds shine and definition with a soft hold.


Scrape a small amount of butter  into your hands and rub between fingers. Work into wet or damp beard from root to tip. Repeat as needed. This heavy-duty butter is designed to help you control stray and stubborn beard hairs. Additionally it is a Leave in Conditioner that helps repair dry, damaged hair and split ends, promotes healthy hair and limits breakage. This butter also keeps the skin under your beard soft and reduces flaking and dandruff.

Aroma Strength – Medium
Recommended For Daily Use – Use 1-2 Per Day


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